Getting Started

Salam Walaykum! (Peace be with you), and WELCOME to Fit Islam! This is my blog, based on my theory that health and wellness are often not recognized in Islam as much as they should be. Allah SWT has given us the tools we need for every aspect of this life, including how to take care of ourselves. Part of doing so requires that we practice better eating habits, exercise, and cleanliness so we can lead overall healthy and vibrant lives. Remember our bodies are a loan from Allah, eventually they will return to Him. Why not try to return our loan in the best possible condition? Insha'Allah there are many many rewards and blessings to be had from taking care of your health, so make your intentions now, brothers and sisters and let's get healthy while serving Allah!!!

My goal for this blog, beithnillah is to look at health and wellness from many angles. Please bear with me as I get this up and running, insha'Allah soon. As always, never start a diet or exercise program before talking with your doctor, as I am NOT a doctor, nor a personal trainer, I can only provide information that has helped me, and may motivate you. May Allah grant us a safe and healthy journey towards fitness, Ameen!