Way Number One On How to Cope With Emotional Eating

Practice Conscious Eating!  Easier said than done, LOL.  And I know personally.  Well, I've noticed a pattern in my eating habits that I thought maybe someone else might have been dealing with too.  It's eating unconsciously.  As I go to eat, my weight loss goals, my health, and my hunger/satiety signals all disappear and all I'm aware of is the food in front of me.  Especially if it's gooooood.  And I don't listen to my body and stop eating when I'm almost full, no, I enjoy the taste so much, my mind convinces me more is better and then I end up overeating in the end and feeling sluggish, lazy, and guilty afterwards.  I believe this could be partially remidied by practicing conscious eating.  The first thing to do  is to create some reminder at mealtimes for your reasons for watching your weight or staying healthy etc.  I used to have the phrase "How Badly Do You Want It?" taped on my fridge so every time I snuck in for an unneccessary nibble, I'd remember why I'm doing what I'm doing.  Our weight gain/ declining health/ habits etc. didn't happen overnight, and it won't go away overnight either.  It's a systemic problem, we need to be consistent in our efforts, not just sporadic.  If you don't have any goals, you might want to create a separate list of reasons WHY you want to lose weight, or practice better eating habits, or concern for your health.  Once you have the reasons behind your desire for a change in behavior it will subconsciously aid you in the process because you've named your goals, not just fantasized about them.  Then, create a fridge reminder or a kitchen reminder or even a table reminder so you can catch yourself before eating and "plan" in your mind what and how much you're gonna eat, and WHY.  Other ways to "wake yourself up" before eating so to speak is to eat on the same plate every day, in the same spot, with no TV or excess noise (if possible) to distract you.  Fill your plate with serving sizes BEFORE you sit down, (you'll probably be less eager for seconds if you have to walk to the kitchen to take more whe you're already full)  Better yet, put the food away before you sit down to eat.  Also, you can pause between bites, sip water with the meal, and in general SLOW DOWN.  As with our prayers, it's easy to be forgetful and slip into bad habits if we rush.  Eating is the same.  Chew slowly, smaller bites may seem so trivial but savoring the food instead of inhaling it will help us feel full faster and make us more aware.
Conscious eating is the first thing I'm going to try to help myself, why don't we try together to make an effort at being more conscious about our eating.  To Good Health insha'Allah!

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  1. Wow. So often the simplest ideas are the most important. Thanks for this reminder/reality check.